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Froogo WooCommerce plugin

The Woocommerce Fruugo Plugin helps you to integrate your Woocommerce store with Fruugo. Hence, you can grow your eCommerce business and increase your sales. This extension accomplishes a feat with features like order processing, product handling and product management.

  • Automated Inventory Updates: Automated Inventory updates is available for better management.
  • Price: Synchronization of product prices between Woocommerce store and the Fruugo marketplace.
  • Product listing: Enable bulk product upload with synchronized product edits.
  • Orders: Orders from Fruugo automatically get listed on your Woocommerce store panel.
  • Cron’s: Cron job automates the process for Inventory, Price and Order management.

Why choose Fruugo marketplace?

Fruugo is a global marketplace where you can shop from many retailers from across the world, with one single checkout. Fruugo makes cross border shopping easier as you can shop using your own-language, your currency, and payment methods recognised in your country.

Fruugo is a U.K. based e-commerce company. The global marketplace comprises of thousands of sellers, catering to millions of customers across the globe. The e-commerce website offers products related to categories like Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Clothing, Home & Garden, Kids & Toys and more.

Moreover, Fruugo welcomes online sellers (who need to be registered in one of the 23 countries Fruugo operates in) with great products and the enthusiasm to deliver quality after-sales service. Sellers offering apparels, electronics*, sports, kids and various other categories of products, can list their wares on Fruugo.

Overview Fruugo plugin functions woocommerce plugin

Enable and Disable Products: Merchants can close and reopen the products on using Enable and Disable feature. woocommerce plugin

Product Category Mapping: Follows many-to-one category mapping philosophy. Admin can map many categories of the Opencart store to the single category of Fruugo. woocommerce plugin
Low Stock Notifications: Whenever Stock diminishes lower than the threshold, a notification is sent informing the status. woocommerce plugin

Synchronized Inventory: Auto synchronization of the inventory at regular intervals and the listing of the products along with all the details is established between Opencart and woocommerce plugin
Bulk Upload System: The merchant has the flexibility to upload any number of products on using the bulk product upload feature. woocommerce plugin
New Order Notifications: Whenever a new order is fetched from, the admin receives a notification. woocommerce plugin
Low Stock Notifications
Whenever Stock diminishes lower than the threshold, a notification is sent informing the status. woocommerce plugin
Automatically confirm and send orders:
Within the admin environment of your own website, you confirm the orders that come in and enter the track and trace code. This confirmation is then automatically sent to Fruugo with the track and trace information.



Checklist WooCommerce Fruugo plugin

Before we can sell and integrate our Fruugo plugin or website you need;

  • A working retailer account at
  • A working WooCommerce website.
  • All products on your website need to have a valid EAN number.
  • You need a dedicated server or hosting, shared hosting will not work.
  • Be able to create an admin login for us to install the plugin on your website.
  • Have a login to the hosting server for us so we can install and program the Cron job.

Steps we do for you.

  • After signing the purchase contract and paying the invoice. (200, – excl VAT)
  • Within 1-4 days we install the plugin on your website depending on your and our time schedule.
  • We will do the complete installation of the Fruugo plugin on your WooCommerce website.
  • Install, program and fully test the Cron job on your web server, so the whole process of product creation and import order goes automatically.
  • Help you with syncing your product categories with the Fruugo selling categories.
  • Fine-tune the first 100 products of your store with the Fruugo store for the best selling opportunities.


New orders of the plugin in your own website order management​

 Click on the pictures to enlarge WooCommerce plugin in de zijbalk
After installation, you will find the Fruugo WooCommerce plugin in the menu section of your WordPress website.

WooCommerce plugin product Required-fields
WooCommerce plugin product Required-fields. When you open a product you will have a new section for the Fruugo plugin with the Required fields.
Here you also have the option to higher or lower the selling price on Fruugo.
Here you put the product in the exact product category on Fruugo

New orders of the plugin in your own website order management
New orders of the Fruugo plugin in your own website order management
After opening the order you set the product order on completed and fill out the shipping track and trace and carrier and click on update and the details are sent to
After opening the order you set the product order on completed and fill out the shipping track and trace and carrier and click on update and the details are sent to Fruugo


What you buy from us.

  • The WooCommerce Fruugo plugin is a proven working plugin that works on our own websites from May 2018, without problems or necessary updates.
    Our WooCommerce Fruugo plugin has a licence agreement with Fruugo, so we are allowed to use the plugin to connect your website with the API.
  • The plugin is a single buy, so no recurring monthly or yearly payments.
  • We do the installation on your website and server and test it so we guarantee that it works.
  • We help you with categories and product mapping, for the first 100 products for the highest-selling possibilities on
  • The plugin works, so we are not updating it, because more code is more bugs. We always maintain the highest security standards and updates for our and your plugins.
  • The current version of the plugin is Fruugo API version3. If Fruugo switches to a newer version, they will inform us developers 6 months upfront. So we can create a newer version and send you an updated version. The new update can be installed automatically like all other plugins you own on your website. You can always contact us to update the new version for free for you.


Order a live session

Are you interested in our WooCommerce plugin, fill out the form down below for a live session on one of our own websites?

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We will be in contact soon.

Get also the WooCommerce plugin for your website.






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