Natural men shaving gel , hydrating, moisturizing, refreshing 150ml.


Natural men shaving gel Shaving gel with Olive oil and Bitter Orange, protects from skin irritations and penetrates facial hair roots for a clean shave.

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Natural men shaving gel, hydrating, moisturizing, refreshing 150ml.

Natural men shaving gel Shaving Gel with Olive oil and Bitter Orange protects from skin irritations and penetrates facial hair roots to promote a deep, clean shave.

Naturelia shaving gel is suitable for all skin types.


Naturelia – cosmetics uses only Cretan olive oil as a base for their cosmetics. Crete’s olive trees are amongst the oldest in the world. In Minoan times, olive oil was used as food and in cosmetics. Olive oil from ancient times was famous for its numerous healing properties. The antioxidant substances that olive oil contains and chlorophyll make it one of the most active oils used for skin, nails and hair cosmetics but also for the entire body range cosmetics from Naturelia. Scientific researchers have shown that olive oil:

1. Contains antioxidant ingredients, such as polyphenols, vitamin E, vitamin A, D3 and K, which provide skin cell’s elements with an effective protection against oxidation damages.

2. Contains the necessary fatty acids, like vitamin F, key ingredients to the composition of the skin’s layers.

3. Offers a good protection against free radicals and helps to prevent cell ageing process.


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