Intensive hair mask for dry and coloured hair 200ml.


Intensive hair shampoo for dry and coloured hair, with Olive Oil and Aloe Vera for regeneration, nourishment and deep moisturising of hair.

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Intensive hair mask for dry and coloured hair 200ml.

Revitalising shampoo for dry and coloured hair, with natural Olive and Avocado oil, nourishes and strengthens dry or damaged hair. This shampoo protects the colour of dyed hair from fading, maintains elasticity and vividness of hair, offers hair shine.


Naturelia intensive hair mask specially designed for dry and coloured hair.



Naturelia – cosmetics uses only Cretan olive oil as the base for their cosmetics. Crete’s olive trees are amongst the oldest in the world. In ancient Minoan times, olive oil was used as food and in cosmetics. Olive oil from ancient times en up to today is famous for its numerous healing properties. The antioxidant substances that olive oil contains and the super healthy chlorophyll inside olive oil make it the most active oils used for natural skin, nail and hair cosmetics, but also for the entire body range cosmetics line from Naturelia. Scientific researchers have shown that olive oil:

1. Contains antioxidating ingredients, such as polyphenols, vitamin E, vitamin A, D3 and K, which provides the skin cell’s elements with an effective protection against oxidation damages.

2. Contains the necessary fatty acids, like vitamin F, key ingredients for a healthy composition of the skin’s layers.

3. Offers a good protection against free radicals and best off all, it slows down the cell ageing process.

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