Gardenia essential oil (5% dilluted in Jojoba oil)


Gardenia Essential oil. (5% diluted in Jojoba oil) 5ml. excellent for at home aromatherapy.
Pure real gardenia essential oil.

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Gardenia Essential oil. (5% diluted in Jojoba oil) 5ml.

Gardenia Essential Oil is a major essential oil in aromatherapy. The Gardenia aroma is so sweet and strong smelling, which can induce feelings of deep attraction by smell alone. Aromatherapy is one of the most widely practised alternatives of healing systems today. Aromatherapy allows the many different types of aromatic compounds. These compounds aid to cure various ailments. Gardenia Essential Oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid that is the main ingredient for the more popular aroma compounds used in aromatherapy.

Gardenia Oil has a sweet floral scent. The essential oil is extracted by enfleurage, due to the fact of the delicacy of the Gardenia flower. The petals are the most fragrant are soaked in fat. The fat absorbs the fragrance of the Gardenia flower and then placed in alcohol to dissolve. The process is very labour intensive and takes a lot of pounds of flower petals to make just an ml of oil. The hard work is well worth it as you inhale the Gardenia Essential Oils and the aroma is so strong even after all the processing the flower went through.

BioAroma Essential oils are made from 100% essential oils from own factory on Crete – Greece. Essential oils are mended only to be used as described or as interior perfume before you experiment with essential oils inform yourself or ask a doctor or medic to advice you on your experiments. Crete online BV only advises using essential oils in a diffuser to create a perfect ambience in your environment and wellbeing.

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