Body milk with pomegranate 200 ml.


Body milk with pomegranate is gentle and soft body lotion with organic olive oil and pomegranate extract that hydrates, nourishes and cares for the skin.

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Body milk with pomegranate 200 ml.

Body milk with Pomegranate is gentle and soft body lotion with organic olive oil and pomegranate extract that hydrates nourishes and cares for the skin. With oils and extracts of biological cultivation.

With fresh pomegranate aroma!

Use: Apply the body lotion with soft strokes all over the body every day on cleansed skin.

BIOlogical olive oil, pomegranate extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Panthenol.


OlivePlus body milk is suitable for all skin types.



Oliveplus uses as a base for their cosmetics the natural organic olive oil “Physis of Crete “ produced by the Asmarianakis family located at the mountain village Kritsa at the east side of the island at the prefecture of Lashity on Crete.

This amazing organic olive oil is harvested and produced every year during November until March from their own olive groves and those of their families and partners in the region of Mirabello and Kritsa.
Awarded at the worldwide contest “Great taste” 2015 Physics of Crete olive oil was rewarded with a golden star for the high quality of their extra virgin olive oil.

It is this awarded high quality organic extra virgin olive oil that is used by oliveplus as base for their amazing face, hair and body cosmetics. Together with the organic biologic olive oil and a combination of other organic and biologic farmed extracts as for example aloe vera, argan oil, olive leaf extracts, chamomile, honey extract and sea alga oliveplus has produced a wide range of products for daily use.

As there are no chemicals or adhesives added to their products all of the cosmetics are suitable for any skin type, gender and age. Combining the treasures of mother earth harvested at Crete, they have created a range of products that will nurses your hair and skin, hydrate’s it and has anti-ageing components and capabilities. Oliveplus products are all dermatologic tested and produced and no harm is done by animal testing during the development and production of their products.

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